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the most helpful toddler

We recently moved the baby gate so that Luke now has access to the front hall and powder room, but it still keeps him out of the basement and off the basement stairs. With his newfound freedom, Luke has become very helpful.

He likes to “help” me carry Jack in his car seat to the front door. This is usually accompanied by lots of straining and grunting sound effects by Luke (even though he is pretty much just putting a finger on the car seat) and makes me nearly trip over him. But he’s so happy and proud to help that I’ll never ask him to stop.

Another new thing lately is knocking on the bathroom door when someone is in there. Then he will chatter at you, bring you your shoes and maybe even a snack. Everything will be waiting for you on the floor outside the door when you’re done and he will be proudly waiting for you to see what he’s brought for you.

Now that he can get into the front hall, Luke escorts all our visitors to the door and says goodbye. He will also give you your shoes and help you put them on. Then he will slam the door behind you while waving goodbye through the sidelight with his nose pressed against the glass. It’s pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

But the sweetest thing Luke does is try to comfort Jack when he’s crying. Not that I leave Jack crying all the time, but if he starts to fuss, Luke will rush over and give him a hug/kiss/cuddle, then bring him a blanket or two, as many soothers as he can find (even though Jack doesn’t take a soother), and cover him with stuffed animals. It’s actually so sweet but so funny at the same time to watch him rush around trying to help. I couldn’t have hoped for him to be a better big brother.

Toddlers are the best.

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  1. Grand Dad

    June 5, 2017 at 6:35 AM

    Thats an adorable story. Thanks for sharing.

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