Life, Tiny Taylors

saturday swims

Luke spent the day in his grandparents pool and I think it was his favourite day of the summer so far.

He would practice kicking while he swam, but one leg would be fully extended and out of the water behind him. And nothing is cuter than his huge, open-mouthed smile of pride.

He wanted nothing more than to throw all the balls into the pool while yelling “throw!!!” and then go fetch them. And then line them all up on the edge of the pool so he could start over.

He tried to dump a bucket of water on to his grandpa’s head, but his coordination was a bit off and he dumped it over his own head instead. The look of surprise on his face was priceless.

He stayed in the pool until his teeth were chattering and his lips were blue, having just had the best summer day.

Meanwhile, Jack slept the entire time and missed out on all the fun.

Oh summer, how we love you.


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