home renos part 1: hardwood floors

Our home renovations have officially begun! Things are getting pretty messy around here but I am beyond excited! We bought the hardwood floors for upstairs hall and bedrooms, down the staircase and for the main floor.

We’ve been planning to renovate for a while, and were planning to start this summer.  We also knew we wanted to put down hardwood floors on both our upstairs and main floor, so when we stumbled across this deal at Home Depot, we had to jump on it.



It’s called “balsamic birch” and I’m in love with the colour. It might be a bit hard to tell in the pictures, but it’s a perfect mid-tone brown with mild graining and light variation in tone to add interest.

We had to recruit some back-up to bring it all home. Thank goodness for family living close by!



Once we got it all into the house, Curtis didn’t waste any time getting started.


The carpets in Luke’s nursery, the hallway and into the end of our master bedroom were removed in what felt like 5 seconds flat. This is when it really hit me, “Hmmm… I’m going to be living here through all of this and it’s going to be a huuuuge mess!”. So I took Luke out and about for a bit to get out of Curtis and his (oh-so-hepful and free labour!) friends’ hair.

When I came back, there was progress!


Since there’s a straight line of flooring going from the far end of the house in Luke’s nursery to the opposite end in our bedroom, Curtis really took his time setting the boards to ensure they were straight.



After a couple of long days of hard work, the hallway is just about done, other than the bull-nosing, and the flooring in Luke’s room and closet area is officially done. Although the nursery is still half torn apart with no closet, things taken down off the walls. There’s a stretch at the end of our master bedroom done, too. We still need to install and paint baseboards, window and door trim, repaint the doors, and then refinish the bannister and paint the walls. But, for now, I’m just going to enjoy how great Luke’s room looks with his shiny new wood floors and dream of the day when I’ll be able to re-install his closet system. But now looking at these pictures I’m reminded that I still want a new curtain rod and the curtains need to be hemmed… The list really is never-ending! But we’re getting there! And I am so excited!!


(Please ignore the tied up curtains, the diaper pail by the crib, the side table in the wrong place… And be thankful you can’t see what the closet space looks like!)

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