Heart, Motherhood

on raising a boy

When we found out we were having a boy, right away, Curtis was so excited to have a new little best friend. He talked about how they would play hockey together, how he’d have someone to share his passions with and he was so excited to have someone he could teach everything he loves.

As Luke gets older and older, people seem to keep saying to me, “he is such a boy!”. And he really is, in the “typical” sense. He’s active, loves his trucks, he grunts when he crawls around and pulls himself up, he’s fearless, shakes off bumps and bruises, eats like a horse, and he seems to love anything that makes a loud noise. But he’s also sweet and gentle, absolutely bursting with joy and happiness, loves to laugh and gives the best, most cuddliest hugs. He likes to hold my hand when I push him in the shopping cart and smiles whenever someone talks to him. Maybe those aren’t typical boy things, but those are the parts of his personality and I truly love and treasure, and I want to make sure he keeps those qualities, too. It’s more important to me that he’s happy and kind, than if he’s tough or if he plays sports.

When I look at my son’s sweet face, feel his soft little hands in mine, or cuddle him into my chest, I’m both overjoyed and overwhelmed that he is mine. This sweet little person recognizes me as his mama. Right now I’m his favourite person in the whole world and his main source of comfort and support. If he’s ever unsure, he looks to me for reassurance. So when I look into Luke’s big blue eyes, I’m struck with a sense of responsibility. Not just the responsibility of having a baby, but the responsibility of raising a boy.

This little boy of mine, the one I love so dearly, so completely, will be primarily shaped and influenced by me. I am one of the two people who will help mould his little soul into the man he will grow to be. Motherhood is amazing. We are trusted to protect and guide a pure and unspoiled little soul into the person they are meant to be. That’s a pretty big deal. And it’s not a role I take lightly. It’s up to me to make sure he never loses the qualities I see in him now.

One day, my sweet and gentle baby boy will grow into a man. And I hope that he will be a good man. A man who is respectful and trustworthy, a man who works hard for his family, who is full of joy and laughter. I hope he’ll love freely and without judgement, and that he will follow his dreams, all the while keeping the soft and kind spirit that I see in him now.

I’m not exactly sure if or how I’ll manage to achieve all of this, but I’m lucky enough to be married to the kind of man that I hope Luke grows up to be. We’re pretty lucky, Luke & I, to have such an incredible man in our lives. Lucky to have such a great role model. If Luke turns out like his dad, then I’ll know we did a good job raising this boy of ours.







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