let’s go to the pumpkin patch

So, today we hit the fall trifecta:

  1. Perfect fall weather
  2. Absolutely stunning location
  3. The most adorable babies

I really mean it. I have more than 200 photos from our not-even-two-hour trip. I may have gotten a little snap happy – I just couldn’t resist. But let’s start at the beginning.

Shannon & I were looking for something seasonal and outdoors to do with the little ones today. The forecast isn’t the best for the rest of this week (calling for rain, rain and more rain), so we really wanted to make sure we took advantage of the beautiful weather. Even though we recently went to the Log Farm where there were pumpkins, we really wanted to go to a real, actual pumpkin patch. That’s where Miller’s Farm and Market came in. It’s a family owned and operated farm and only about a 20 minute drive from home, with a full fledge pumpkin patch. And it’s absolutely stunning.

Get ready for photo overload. (P.S. Can you believe all these photos were taken with an iPhone?!)

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