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jack david | a birth story

April 13th was an absolutely beautiful and sunny spring day. We arrived at the hospital for 1PM with my c-section scheduled for 3PM at 38 + 5. It was pretty surreal knowing that we were going to meet our boy later that day. If you’ve been following along, you know it was quite the long waiting process when Luke was born I have always loved birth and fresh 48 photos, so we decided that this time we would go for it. We of course went right to Whitney at Tiara & Tails Photography and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out.

I got checked in and prepped for surgery. It was so exciting to hear his heart beating in my belly while knowing that we would finally be meeting him in only a few short hours. It was so different this time around. I hadn’t been labouring for 24 hours only to find out I was having a c-section. Last time it all seemed so frantic as I was wheeled alone – without Curtis – into the operating room. This time, Curtis and I walked together down the hall, he got his scrubs to put on and I gave him a kiss as I headed in to the OR before him. (Once I had my spinal and surgery was ready to go, he would be coming in to join us.)

It turns out the anesthesiologist was caught up doing a workshop so I ended up just hanging out in the OR with the lovely women who would be there during delivery. They told me what each of them would be doing and who they would be responsible for (me or baby boy), we got talk a bit about nothing and it was actually really calming and comforting. Fun side note – the same doctor who delivered Luke/performed my last c-section delivered Jack and the same anesthesiologist was there, too. Just knowing I was with the same great team who brought Luke into the world really eased my nerves. Once the spinal was administered and everything was set to go, Curtis walked in to the operating room and sat beside me. It didn’t feel as cold and lonely this time. In fact, since I had been seeing the doctor who was delivering Jack for the majority of my pregnancy, I was so much more at ease and confident. She kind of talked me through the delivery (without scaring me) and chatted while she worked. I’ll never forget hearing Jack’s first little squeaky gurgle before he was even born.

There was some pulling and tugging and then a LOT of pressure. Before I knew it, at 4:26PM, Jack David was born. Like Luke, he was brought across the room to be cleaned up, weighed and all that good stuff. And did he ever have a set of lungs. We pretty much knew he was good and healthy by the strength of his cries. Once he got the full once-over by the doctors, he was swaddled and brought over for a Curtis to hold, and for me to finally get a good look at him.

He was perfect.

9lbs 6oz and 22 inches long. Ten fingers, ten toes, a perfect button nose, a full head of hair, and the spitting image of his older brother. It was love at first sight.

The longest part of the surgery is getting put back together, so they sent Curtis into the recovery room with Jack to wait for me. While he waited, Curtis took some photos of Jack and sent them to family members who were anxiously waiting to meet him. Once surgery was over, I was brought into the recovery room where I’d get to hold my son for the first time. I just breathed him in and tried to soak up every little detail. It was like a dream.Because of the timing of everything, we got stuck in the recovery room until 8PM. Since Luke goes to bed by 7, we knew he wouldn’t get to meet his brother until the following morning. Lucky for us, Whitney was so accommodating and came back to capture our boys meeting for the first time. I’ll share those photos soon, but for now, I’m still adjusting to having two boys under two!

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