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it’s a BOY!!!

We’re having a BOY! Another sweet and cuddly boy! To say that we’re excited is a huge understatement. Elated comes close to describing how I’m feeling. I am so glad that Luke is going to have a brother so close in age!! I not-so-secretly was hoping for another boy. I absolutely love being a boy mom. And now I get to be mama to two boys. I can’t believe how lucky I am.

I know that finding out the gender isn’t for everyone, but Curtis & I both knew it was something we wanted to do. We did it with Luke and I knew that I couldn’t wait until this baby was born. For me, knowing the gender last time really helped me build a bond with my unborn baby. And I loved being able to picture my new son, and to think about my life with him. And finding out almost seemed even more special this time around. Now I get to picture a new baby boy and Luke with a little brother. Life with two boys! I can start to visualize how he will impact and shape our family dynamic. And let me just say it again, I am SO excited!

You’ll have to forgive us our not being all perfect and posing for the camera. This is literally when we found out so we’re taking it all in and my smile is basically splitting my face in half. Once again, Tiara & Tails Photography just knocked it out of the park.
dsc_4033 dsc_4027dsc_4028 dsc_4030dsc_4040dsc_4041dsc_4057 dsc_4047 dsc_4049dsc_4054At this point, Luke is cold and over it, so Whitney took a few shots of just Curtis and I, now that we know it’s a little BOY in my belly.dsc_4060 dsc_4061dsc_4064dsc_4106We are SO happy! Two boys under two, here we come!


  1. Auntie Em

    December 3, 2016 at 11:09 PM

    I’m in love! 💙💙

    1. sarah

      December 4, 2016 at 7:28 AM

      Me too! I get two little blue hearts now! 💙💙

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