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home renos part 2: finishing the floors

We ordered our new kitchen cabinets on Saturday! To say I’m excited would be a huge understatement. We’ve lived with our crappy old kitchen for too long, and it’s definitely time for something new.

Curtis has officially finished installing the hardwood upstairs. Actually, I think one more board still needs to go down, but I’m going with it. The front hallway and living room are all done, including the opening from our main floor into our basement that we partially closed in. Most of the kitchen and dining room is now floored too. The difference is wild.

While I was away at the cottage, Curtis stayed home to get as much work done as possible. Not having to work around two naps every day and a bedtime of between 6:30 and 7PM opened up a lot more time for him to get the floors down.

With Luke’s room and most of the hallway was done, next up was the master bedroom and closet.





Once the bedroom and closet were done, it was time to tackle the spare bedroom.



I’m even more in love with the wall colour against the dark wood floors. Curtis still isn’t a fan, but I love it!


I’ll post some better quality (aka not iPhone) “after” pictures once the trim is all in. I’m just too excited I have to post these crappy ones for now.

Next, Curtis partially filled in the opening we have from our main floor into the basement. A neighbour of ours with the same house did it and it looks fantastic plus you end up with more floor space, which is always great in a little townhouse.




With that filled in, it was finally time to start laying hardwood on the main floor.



I’m so happy with all the progress Curtis has made so far. But I won’t lie, I’m most excited about updating the kitchen. Although this is what it looks like right now…


Stay tuned for more!

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