happy halloween!

Happy Halloween from this cute little tiger!img_0571Luke and I were spoiled this year with a baby Halloween party hosted by Shannon & Mads. There was everything from a photo booth area with props to personalized pumpkins for each baby – including my little pumpkin on the way! Shannon included so many fun details and it was so much fun to get the babies all dressed up in their costumes.

Typical Luke ^^ he’s on the move full time now, and almost exclusively walking. And as usual, most photos of him are blurry since he’s never still for long enough.

The photo booth are that Shannon set up was awesome. It was quite the task to try to get a shot of all four babies together though. img_0556 img_0601 img_0605 img_0620But it was worth it! Are those not the cutest tiger, elephant, strawberry and bunny you’ve ever seen?

I couldn’t resist a shot of just Luke and I out front. Apparently I have a thing for brick walls lately. img_0582As it got closer to nap time, the little ones made it clear that the party was over. We packed up as quickly as we could and left poor Shannon with a mess of a playroom.

After Luke’s afternoon nap, we went for a quick visit with Gramma (my mom) so she could see Luke in his cute little costume. Then it was home for a quick dinner and out to do some trick or treating. Don’t worry, Luke didn’t get any candy – I took it all for myself! Just kidding, I shared some with Curtis.

One of the highlights of the evening was Luke getting pulled around in the wagon by our neighbours’ daughter Heidi, who is only a few months older than Luke, and is actually smaller than he is. It was pretty freaking cute if I do say so myself. img_0623All in all, our Halloween was a blast. And a marked difference from last year when Luke was just over two months old. Thanks to Shannon & Mads for having us!! We had such a fun time!

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