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eleven months

Luke, my love, you’re eleven months old today! It’s hard to believe that in only one more month we’ll be celebrating your first birthday.

This past month has been so much fun. I’ve watched your personality come out more and more, you’ve gotten even quicker at crawling and you’ve mastered how to stand on your own. You cut your fifth tooth (the sixth one is so close) and your hair just keeps getting blonder, longer and thicker. You’re almost ready for a haircut, but I’m not sure I’m ready for you to have a big boy hair cut just yet.

Since the summer weather is finally here in full swing, we’ve spent as much time outside as possible and this seems to really be your element. Wether we’re swimming in the lake, pushing you in the swing, splashing around the kiddie pool, going for a walk in the stroller, or just sitting on the grass, you absolutely love to be outdoors.

As you’ve gained more and more mobility, you’ve become more independent and inquisitive. You like to crawl off on your own – as long as it’s not too far from me. You like to grab, touch, and put in your mouth anything you can get your hands on.

You’ve started to give real hugs and cuddles, especially when you’re ready to go to sleep or when you’ve just woken up. You squeal with excitement and happiness when dad gets home from work and whenever Roxy licks your face and hands. You’ve just started this new thing where you scrunch up your nose and squint your eyes in an extra-big smile that completely melts my heart.

You’re so cute that we get stopped almost every time we go out together. Everyone loves your gorgeous blue eyes, big friendly smile and fluffy blonde hair. You usually start off with a shy look but without fail you give the biggest, happiest smile.

Eating has become one of your favourite passtimes. You love to snack on puffs, yogurt melts, arrowroot cookies, cheese, fruit, cinnamon buns at Ikea, anything you can get your hands on really. I pretty much bring the pantry with me whenever we leave the house, but I can always cheer you up with something to snack on. This month you’ve started to show a real preference for feeding yourself, including drinking milk and water from a sippy cup.

Bedtime has never been more fun with you. You get so excited when I bring you into the bathroom and start to run the water for your bath. You always want stay in the tub until the water is cold and you’re all wrinkled up like a raisin. Once we get into your room you point toward the bookshelf, ready for story time. And then you smile the whole time dad reads your books.

You still have absolutely no interest in watching TV (woohoo!), but you love music. You like to dance, smile and sing when we have the radio on. It’s pretty adorable and I hope you never stop enjoying yourself so freely.

This was officially the hardest month yet to get a good picture of you, since you are always on the move. I think it works though. It’s who you are right at this moment, and I’m loving every second of it.

Happy eleven months, Luke, you are loved more than you know.



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  1. davefrancis

    July 19, 2016 at 7:35 AM

    A mother’s love in every word…. he’s so cute.

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