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el rey del taco

In Loreto, there’s a hole in the wall taco shop called El Rey del Taco, and there you will find the world’s best tacos. I am not exaggerating.

As soon as we booked our trip back to Loreto, Curtis and I started dreaming about the tacos from El Rey del Taco (or, as us Canadians call it, Taco del Eay). So the first time we went into town, we had to check to see if Taco del Rey was open. There are no real hours, it’s just open when it’s open, so the only way to find out is to walk by and see if Francisco is there.

Luckily for us, the doors were open!

P1040172 (1)

Seriously though, if we hadn’t been told about this place by everyone, we probably would never have gone in. He cooks on an open grill, and you can either sit in the restaurant at a communal table or at a bar overlooking the action. If you’re in a pinch, you can even get it to go.


There are two options: fish or beef. You choose either a flour or corn tortilla, and then you build your own with the communal bowls of accoutrements.


I got beef and Curtis got fish. Unfortunately, Curtis couldn’t restrain himself (they are seriously that good), so I only have pictures of my taco. (Even though Curtis got two tacos, and therefore two opportunities to let me get a picture. I swear he just inhaled them. He probably would have had a third. I have a picture of him scarfing one down, but I will show great restraint and not post it… But keep an eye on Instagram, if he bugs me enough I may post it.)



Seriously the BEST taco. I could have had two three more. I just might have to walk by again tomorrow to see if it’s open.

If you’re ever in Loreto, Taco del Rey is a must.

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