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a boy & his fries

I’m sure every mom says this, but Luke is the funniest kid I know. I’m constantly telling my friends and family the funny antics he’s up to lately and I decided I should document them so I don’t forget them. And, since I have a blog, why not do it here? So, from now on, whenever Luke (and eventually the new baby!) does something funny or noteworthy, I’ll be posting it here, under “Tiny Taylors”.

Luke loves french fries. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the boy is seriously obsessed with them.

While we were out for lunch with a friend today, he basically panted at her New York Fries until she graciously fed him some. Luckily for us, she knows Luke well and thoughtfully ordered a bigger size than she normally would, because she knew that as long as there were visible fries in that cup, he wanted needed to be eating them.

Fast forward to dinner time. I was feeling generous (okay, lazy) and decided to make him chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner. As I took out the frozen nuggets and fries, Luke was watching me closely. In his excitement for dinner (and his love for french fries), he ran over to his high chair saying, “mmmmm!” and then tried to climb in. When I told him that we had to wait for them to cook, he ran back over to the oven to watch. After watching for a minute or two, he then went to the cupboard and brought me the oven mitts so I could take the french fries out. (The boy is all about safety!). Again, I told him we had to wait for them to finish cooking. And, despite his commitment to the french fries, he’s only 17 months old, so he waited as long as he could, but eventually wandered off to play with his toys.

 Then, the halfway timer went off. He basically jumped out of his skin and ran to the kitchen as quick as his little legs would carry him. He was excited. To his disappointment, I took them out, flipped them, and put them back in. Undeterred, he again stood in front of the oven, looked through the glass and said, “mmmmm!”. When the timer finally went off that the fries were done, I took them out and he ran back to his high chair ready to tuck in.

With french fries finally on his plate, Luke sat happily and ate his french fries with enthusiasm. While sharing with his car, because he’s generous.

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  1. Shannon

    February 7, 2017 at 8:26 PM

    He’s hilarious! Can’t wait for more Tiny Taylor stories.

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