38 week bumpdate

The fact that I’m now at 38 weeks is almost unbelievable. What’s even crazier to think about is that this could end up being the last bumpdate! On one hand it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever, but on the other hand, this pregnancy seems to have flown by.

The theme of this past week has been exhaustion. I’ve been lucky to have Luke spend time with his grandparents and then on top of that, Curtis had a long weekend home with us and everyone has really given me a break. I had a 3+ hour nap almost every day and it was so glorious. Not to mention that Curtis made a ton of progress on the final details of our home renovations – which I know I am in desperate need to do an update on. I also now (finally) have my hospital bag packed! All that’s really left is to hang some art up in the nursery!

How far along? 38 weeks
Baby is now the size of: As long as a leek!
Gender: Baby boy!
Maternity clothes? Definitely – and maternity shirts are actually almost not quite long enough to contain the belly.
Movement: Lots and they’re borderline becoming painful.
Food cravings: Ice capps, apple fritters, and anything unhealthy basically.
Food aversions: None this week!
Favorite meal this week: I had a bit of a throwback to early pregnancy. It was a really rainy day and I made soup and a bagel for lunch and it was exactly what I wanted.
Emotional moment this week: Finding out the exact date our little boy will be arriving!
Best moment this week: Seeing our boy on the ultrasound screen.
Labour signs? Nope!
Belly button in or out? Out!
Wedding rings off or on? On.
Looking forward to: That new baby smell.

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  1. Emily

    April 10, 2017 at 10:10 PM

    You are simply gorgeous and glowing! Can’t wait to meet your little man!!

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