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June 2017

Life, Tiny Taylors

saturday swims

Luke spent the day in his grandparents pool and I think it was his favourite day of the summer so far. He would practice kicking while he swam, but one leg would be fully extended and out of the water behind him. And nothing is cuter than his huge, open-mouthed smile of pride. He wanted nothing  ...

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a dreary and lazy monday

Today has been dreary and threatening to rain all day. Rather than fight it, I’ve decided to embrace it. The boys and I stayed in our pyjamas all day, played trains, watched Shrek and didn’t worry about getting anything done. Usually I dread days like today, but sometimes a day of  ...

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Heart, Life

spring at the arboretum

Sometimes I forget just how beautiful Ottawa is. But there’s no missing the beauty of our city in the full bloom of spring, especially at the Experimental Farm. It was the perfect place for some family photos with our brand new (but somehow just over 6 week old?!) baby Jack. I booked the  ...

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