18 week bumpdate

For some reason, 18 weeks feels like we’re finally getting somewhere. The reality of a new baby joining our family this spring is really hitting me now and I find myself getting more and more excited. I’m feeling more movements, my belly is just getting bigger, and we’re getting so close to finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl. So much excitement ahead!

And, yes, I took my coat, scarf and mitts off in order to get these photos. What’s a little hypothermia from a photo op? But don’t worry, Luke was wearing about a million layers.

How far along? 18 weeks
Baby is now the size of: A sweet potato!
Gender: We have our 20 week anatomy ultrasound on November 28th and then we’ll be finding out on December 3rd!
Maternity clothes? Oh yeah! According to friends and family, my belly really popped this week.
Movement: Yes! I just love the little kicks. Just like last week, they still not super consistent, but I feel at least a little something every day now.
Food cravings: Nothing actually stands out as a craving this week. Although, I do think I’ve developed a mild addiction to Tim Horton’s.
Food aversions: None this week!
Favorite meal this week: I have had soup and a bagel for lunch almost every day this week and it’s been the best ever. Add a side of cheese curds and I’m in heaven.
Emotional moment this week: None that stand out.
Best moment this week: Getting back Luke’s Santa pictures. They are seriously so magical. (I’ll be sharing those and our family Christmas photos soon, so keep your eyes open for those posts!)
Labour signs? Nope!
Belly button in or out? In.
Wedding rings off or on? On.
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound on November 28th and then finding out the gender on December 3rd! And, as always, to feeling more and more big kicks and movements.

(If you’re interested: Top: Gap, Jeans: Gap, Hat: old, similar here, Boots: Sorel)18-weeks-1 18-weeks-3 18-weeks-4 18-weeks-5 18-weeks-6 18-weeks-7 18-weeks-9 18-weeks-10

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